Hej, ich bin's, Sarah.
Hej, ich bin's, Sarah.

I am a creative mind, a visionary, a mum and 29 years old.
Together with an amazing team, I am Maybemint.
A fashion label for little explorers.

The Little Joys in Life

Clothes for the little ones are not just clothes. Rather, they are among to those little things that bring joy in everyday life. They are ideal as small concessions for our favorite people or thoughtful gifts that come from the heart.

For me, clothes mean moments of happiness when I can combine the individual parts harmoniously because they are so simple and yet so unique.

As a mom of two children, I also appreciate it when fashion is practical - a reliable companion in everyday life. In addition, minimalist and cool - I love earthy colors and clothes without a lot of frills.

Clothing for Toddlers is Something Very Sensitive

... and therefore associated with very high standards. After all, you only want the best for your little ones, right? Soft and cuddly for the gentle baby skin, 100% handmade in Germany, to really guarantee that your children only wear the best quality on their skin.

For everyone whose demands are as high as mine.

Maybemint stands for simple, gender-neutral clothing, piece by piece handmade in Germany. With carefully selected materials from the EU.

But why actually “Maybe Mint”? In 2019, at the very beginning of our mission, the name arose from the question of which color would be suitable for a shirt in combination with grey trousers - the answer “maybe mint - maybe mint”.

The name was fixed and our journey to the first collection began..

With a love for detail and following the sewing machine until the thread is empty: We do pretty well sewing slow fashion for those who turn out to be the most curious in everyday life. Our world never stands still - neither does that of our children.

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